Torsion springs

For Rotational Motion and Torque

Torsion springs are primarily used when there's a need to combine rotational motion with torque. This type of spring consists of a spiral-shaped coil made from spring wire. The ends of the spring, also referred to as legs, are designed to enable the torque and anchoring in the application. Many applications require two identical torsion springs, one right-hand wound and one left-hand wound. In certain cases, these springs can be combined into a double torsion spring where right-hand and left-hand wound spring components are interlinked.
We can manufacture your torsion springs in the same materials as compression springs, encompassing everything from conventional spring steel to special alloys like nickel, titanium, and copper. In some instances, a spring with a square cross-section might be necessary to meet specific requirements for the torsion spring. Contact us to discuss your torsion spring needs and to obtain more information about our capabilities and material choices.

Customized, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Businesses

At Enviken Springs, we specialize in creating tailored solutions and manufacturing springs using all known materials. With our in-house production in Dalarna, we offer high-quality products for businesses across various industries, such as machinery, vehicles, tools, hydraulics, and more.

We place significant emphasis on the environment and sustainability, which is a central aspect of our work. Our goal is to deliver springs that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Whether dealing with large or small production runs, we are prepared to meet your manufacturing needs.

Please note that we exclusively cater to businesses, and our focus is on providing the best possible solutions for our corporate clients. We can also assist with calculations of force loads and lifespan in collaboration with the Institute of Spring Technology (IST). For more information, you can find additional details on their website.
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