Tension springs​​​​

Springs for Tensile Load

Springs designed for tensile load are engineered to maintain a specific force when extended to a given length. We manufacture springs in a range of wire dimensions. The loop on the spring can be designed in various ways, and the twist of the loop can vary depending on where the spring will be used in the customer's application. There are many types of loops available, with the most common ones including half loops, German loops, English loops, extended loops, side loops, and screw links.
We are delighted to contribute to the advancement of providing customers with the optimal spring for their purposes. At Enviken Springs, we always strive to offer more than just an "approved" spring; we aim to customize the spring to fit the customer's needs without incurring additional costs. With years of experience in springs, material selection, and manufacturing, we are always at your service!

Customized, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Businesses

At Enviken Springs, we specialize in creating tailored solutions and manufacturing springs using all known materials. With our in-house production in Dalarna, we offer high-quality products for businesses across various industries, such as machinery, vehicles, tools, hydraulics, and more.

We place significant emphasis on the environment and sustainability, which is a central aspect of our work. Our goal is to deliver springs that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. Whether dealing with large or small production runs, we are prepared to meet your manufacturing needs.

Please note that we exclusively cater to businesses, and our focus is on providing the best possible solutions for our corporate clients. We can also assist with calculations of force loads and lifespan in collaboration with the Institute of Spring Technology (IST). For more information, you can find additional details on their website.
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