Envikens Fjädrar AB 

- a company with tradition and experience
Enviken - located 30 kilometres northeast of Falun - has a history of manufacturing springs since the 1950s. Springs with high quality and precision, in short series as well as long. This ensures a high and rare craftmanship of bending threads in small dimensions.
This knowledge is the basis for our factory designed to manufacture fine drawn, pressed and shaped springs. We also manufacture details in steel wire as well as punched details from fine band. 

Our goal is to win renown as a good supplier and our business concept reflects this effort:

"Envikens Fjädrar shall be the best supplier in the field of fine springs and details of thread." 
In order to reach this goal, we offer high quality craftmanship, reliable equipment and a small organisation with a closeness and where everyone shares the responsibility. An organisation where every customer is important and every order is significant.


Envikens Fjädrar AB has established and follows a quality control system in order to ensure that all the products we deliver comply to specified demands. The quality control system is in compliance with SS-ISO 9001:2015.
Our employees' craftmanship and the quality of our machines are both important factors in the quality control policy.

Our customers manufacture metal products, machinery, precision instruments and other high quality products.

Some of our customers:

  • ABB
  • Emmaljunga Barnvagnar 
  • ABU-Garcia   
  • Hammarprodukter AB 

Member in IST

Iso 9001 Certificate

We use the business system Monitor

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Highest credit rating

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